Eye on the Online Marketing Prize

ecommerce focus

There are so many new technological developments popping up that it’s hard to stay on top of everything. There’s crypto currency, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, new marketing automation tools, and multitude other exciting things to geek out over.

All of these have the promise to impact online marketing down the road. And while it’s critical to be thinking about new developments, it’s also key not to get too distracted by every shiny object that comes along.

Ecommerce players need to continue to evolve, try to stay on the cutting edge and implement innovative tactics. However, they also need to set clear, achievable objectives and execute on what is realistic for the current climate of their business and in line with consumer behaviors.

Focus on Fundamentals

Many ecommerce players are still grappling with the basics. Some have yet to implement a mobile optimized website. Or integrate video into their marketing efforts. Get the use of social media down to a truly effective method of customer engagement and lead generation. Leverage retargeting. Thinking about things like how artificial intelligence  fits in the mix, is simply a distraction.

Getting the basics right is a must. That means measuring, testing, tracking, and tweaking to see what works. Once you’ve got the fundamentals running at maximum levels you can think about adding new innovations into your efforts as you plan for the new year.


We’re not advocating that online marketers ignore new developments or forego formulating future integration plans. Pushing the envelope is always good. But online marketers need to consider the cost of the efforts, the return on investment, and how it helps achieve overall business goals.

The key is to prioritize new efforts. You can’t do everything at once. That’s a recipe for disaster. Have a priority list. Focus on creating a plan to add new technologies and make sure all stakeholders are on board in the implementation.

You Don’t Have to be First

It’s good to be a leader. But there’s no prize for being first venture into new territory. Often it’s better to sit back and let others test the waters. There will be lessons learned from their journey. You can then get a better idea of how to overcome any challenges. Additionally, you’ll also see what the actual benefits are and how you can adapt thing for your business. It’s better to do it right than to be first.

View Everything as a Consumer

There’s no point in new technology just for the sake of technology. Ask yourself these questions. Is this something that will benefit our target audience? Does it solve an existing problem for consumers? Can this new development add value for our customers? Is this in line with shifts in consumer behavior? If not, put it on the back burner. You can alway revisit it down the road. You don’t want to try and force things on customers.

The bottom line is that it’s a must to stay on top of new developments that have the potential to impact online marketing. However, it’s not necessary to jump on board with all of them unless you can pinpoint and justify specific reasons such as cost savings, solving an existing problem, and boosting revenue.