Top Takeaways from Google’s New Ad Manager Guide for eCommerce

Are you using Google Ad Manager? If so, you may or may not have seen Google’s new Ad Manager guide: Transforming Shopping Experiences on your eCommerce Platform. It’s a useful tool, but we thought you might want a cheat sheet. Here are some key takeaways directly from the guide:


Highlights of the guide as a whole:

  • Consumer expectations about their digital shopping experiences are higher than ever before. They want shopping options that feel custom made just for them.
  • Google Ad Manager and other technology platforms like it can power ad delivery and product promotion to the palms of your customers’ hands, or to whatever device they like to use, giving you the opportunity to connect with customers at various points in their journey, drive action and increase revenue in the process.
  • In a recent study, Gartner found that by next year, tools that deliver more customized site experiences will help digital businesses increase profits by 15%. It’s all about putting the right products in front of the right customers at the right time.
  • A good digital marketing strategy will help businesses collaborate easily and seamlessly with partners.

How Google Ad Manager Works

Here’s what Google Ad Manager allows you to do:

  • Engage loyal customers with relevant promotions to those who have made purchases before. You can customize it with a dollar amount, like a promo for people who have spent more than $100 with you, for example.
  • Customize product promos based on user preferences, whether they have made a purchase or not.
  • Acquire high-value customers, who may have started but not completed purchases with you.
  • Increase relevance by monetizing the same placement multiple times.

Google Ad Manager Features

  • Organize audiences across your sites and apps by topical interest.
  • Organize inventory by device type, browser, operating system or browser language.
  • Use delivery tools to manage delivery speed, frequency caps and day and time segmenting.
  • Use key values like keywords to create audience segments.
  • Segment based on country, region, U.S. metro areas, zip codes and other differentials.
  • Get insights from first-party data and build segments from those insights.

How It Helps You Connect With Partners in More Meaningful Ways

  • Build your relationships with partners through Programming Direct deals, making it easier to capture shoppers’ attention.
  • Programming guarantee automates the direct reservation process, granting brands easier access to your inventory.
  • Access millions of brands with advanced selection processes.

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