AvantExpo 2018: The Affiliate Marketing Conference at 6500 ft

AvantExpo 2018Attending conferences is a great way to pack in educational sessions and do some productive schmoozing. And the network-specific conferences always offer a particularly good opportunity because they are more intimate and hyper-focused.

For the first time, iAffiliate Management will be heading to AvantLink’s 6th annual gathering – AvantExpo 2018. The two and half-day conference, held in Park City, Utah, brings together merchants, affiliates, agencies, and the network’s team.

iAffiliate Management is looking forward to getting a roadmap from AvantLink’s top executives. There are also sessions featuring industry leaders. It’ll be informative to hear the perspective on hot topics such as the coexistence of influencers and affiliates, and how to avoid overlapping coupons and content affiliates within a program. And, we can’t wait to see who comes out on top when AvantLink hands out its  “Best Of” awards.

AvantExpo has a well-deserved reputation for combining structured networking and once-in-a-lifetime outdoor activities. So, we’re looking forward to making new connections, sitting down with existing clients, and catching up with colleagues and peers. But we’re also game for the yoga classes in the Deer Valley Concert Amphitheater, guided hiking, or maybe the stand-up paddleboarding.

Look for iAffiliate Management’s fun surprise in the swag bag. And if you want to connect with us at the event, let’s get it scheduled.