4 Advanced Features of the Avangate Affiliate Network

By Adam Dahlen, Director of Client Development

If you’re an affiliate or merchant working in the software and digital goods space, you’re undoubtedly familiar with Avangate’s Affiliate Network. For the uninitiated, Avangate is a leading e-commerce solution provider for thousands of software, cloud and online services companies. In addition to powering these companies’ e-commerce sites, Avangate’s platform contains a built-in affiliate network to help its customers find additional distribution and revenue streams. The Avangate Affiliate Network is a great place for merchants and affiliates who specialize in software and digital goods. We’re going to share four advanced features that make the Avangate Affiliate Network stand out.

Advanced Deep Linking

Giving affiliates the ability to deep link to high-converting relevant landing pages is an essential element of a successful affiliate program. The Avangate Affiliate Network takes deep linking to the next level by giving affiliates freedom to create customized deep-links to all levels of a merchant’s site. At the individual product level, Avangate affiliates can generate the following types of custom tracking links:

  • Checkout with cart functionalities
  • Add to Shopping Cart
  • Checkout
  • Product Page
  • Download trial (if available)
  • Vendor website
  • Custom URL

With this incredible self-serve flexibility Avangate affiliates can create exactly the type of link they need to fit their promotional method without burdening the vendor to create necessary links.

Affiliate Generated Coupons

Another feature that Avangate offers its customers is the ability for select affiliates to generate their own discount coupons. Affiliate generated coupons deduct the discount from the affiliate’s own commission, leaving the net revenue to merchant untouched. Allowing affiliates to generate their own coupons requires some trust, but this feature is great for merchants with high margin products who want to empower their affiliates to aggressively promote their products.

Network Cross-Selling

This feature is exclusively for merchants and it allows them to partner with other Avangate vendors and earn a commission for selling each other’s products in their cart. Network Crossing-Selling creates a new revenue stream for merchants that is not available through other affiliate networks. Additionally, vendors gain access to new customers that they may not normally be able to reach through traditional advertising channels.

Power Affiliates

This is another feature just for vendors. One of the most difficult aspects of managing an affiliate program is finding the right affiliates. Avangate alleviates this pain point by carefully curating a list of approximately 15 power affiliates such as and Softonic. Any merchant in the Avangate network can automatically partner with these power affiliates as long as they are able to offer a pre-negotiated commission rate. Having a pre-selected list of experienced power affiliates takes the frustration out of affiliate recruitment and makes starting a program on Avangate’s network simple and easy.