Mobile Search on the Rise

Internet retailers need to pay attention to shifting consumer behaviors. And mobile is the biggest area where changes are happening at a rapid pace. There’s a plethora of mobile devices. People are always connected. And simplified payment options on mobile optimized sites are making it easier than ever for consumers to connect and shop online on the go.

In addition, new research shows that how people search on mobile and devices is also changing. Voice search is quickly becoming the search method of choice. Currently, nearly 500 million people use a voice search-powered digital assistant of some kind. And by 2020, half of all searches will be voice queries, according to iProspect.

This shift is ushering in a rise in longer, more conversational queries. To capitalize on this trend, savvy advertisers are refocusing their keyword strategies. The result – many retailers are now including question-based keywords such as who, what, when, where, why and how, as well as qualifying phrases such as near me.

Mobile Search is Massive

According to a new report from iProspect, mobile click share continued to increase with 59 percent of clicks coming from mobile in Q1, 2017 compared to 32 percent from desktop and 10 percent from tablets. This is a 24 percent year-over-year increase.

This growth trajectory is expected to continue. Advertisers are expected to spend more on mobile search to remain competitive in search rankings. That will drive mobile cost per click to parity with desktop by early 2018, according to the iProspect report.

An August 2016 report from Hitwise stated U.S. mobile search is roughly 58 percent of overall search query volume.

Mobile search by category

Source: Hitwise

To keep pace with consumers, online retailers must ensure positive mobile site experience. That means a mobile optimized site is a must. It also means implementing effective attribution and having a measurement plan to help allocate funds and resources.

Furthermore, identifying the customer and delivering a personalized experience is one of the top priorities of 70 percent of retailers, according to a new study by BRP Consulting.

More than half (57 percent) of retailers say customer mobile experience alignment via mobile app, website and responsive design is a top customer engagement priority and empowering associates with mobile tools is important for 46 percent of retailers, the BRP study says.

So, a mobile-first approach is critical for online retailers to achieve success and move forward.