Treating Your Affiliates Right Over Black Friday

Black Friday is just a week away and it’s an easy time to get distracted and stressed. Here are a few tips on treating your affiliates right over Black Friday.

Share Deals Early

Make life easier for your affiliates by sharing any deals you’re offering over Black Friday weekend as soon as possible. Holding back your Black Friday offers until the Wednesday before Thanksgiving or later is counterproductive. At best it gives your affiliates very little time to publicize your offer, and at worst you risk missing out on any promotion at all.

If for some reason you absolutely cannot share the details of a deal until the last minute, at least give your top affiliates a heads up that something is coming and what to expect.

Verify Your Links

Broken links on Black Friday create a miserable experience for everyone. Take some time in the next week to verify all your links are properly functioning, including your product catalog along with any banners and product images.

Provide Additional Contact Information

Don’t be afraid to share additional contact information such as a cell phone number or personal email address with your key affiliates. Hopefully they won’t need to use it, but if an issue arises it’s better for everyone if they can get in touch with you.

Remember Your Affiliates Have Families Too

Don’t forget, your affiliates have families too and will be spending Thanksgiving with them. Your affiliates are just as invested in your success as you are, so if a problem arises be respectful and understanding when reaching out to them.