Give Back by Supporting Professional Associations

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This is the time of year when people focus on gratitude and recognizing all the things – big and small – they are thankful for.

And while you may be grateful for what you have personally, are you demonstrating your gratitude for what you have professionally? One way to do that is to support organizations that make it possible (and easier) for you to thrive in your online marketing business.

Show Your Support

You can express your professional gratitude – and make a difference – by joining a trade association. It’s a way to support and contribute to the industry. In return, you get back education, research, advocacy and some great networking opportunities.

Think of membership as an investment in knowledge and yourself. Benjamin Franklin once stated that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

There are many trade associations that focus on specific disciplines within internet marketing and online advertising. But one that has an encompassing scope is the Performance Marketing Association. The PMA represents the various interests of the vibrant online marketing space.


The organization has been around nearly a decade and iAffiliate Management founder and CEO, Rick Gardiner has been a member since the group’s inception in 2008. He also serves on several of the PMA councils, each of which focus on specific subject matter areas.

“The PMA does a great job of staying on the pulse of our industry. They have championed key issues facing performance marketing and continue to advocate for industry standards and best practices,” says Gardiner.

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Awin’s Jeannine Crooks and Rick Gardiner of iAffiliate Management

Membership in the PMA enables your voice to be heard – whether it’s on issues facing the industry, setting standards or illustrating the benefits of performance marketing to a broader business audience.

The PMA addresses the most pressing issues and trends facing the performance marketing industry. The PMA is helps online marketers navigate issues that impact their business. It works on behalf of advertisers, publishers, networks, and agencies.

The group was instrumental is fighting the “advertising tax” proposed in many states. The PMA investigates these issues, maintains close contact with members, advertisers, legislators and news organizations to inform and educate and provide resource materials. The association also coordinates advocacy efforts. It speaks on behalf of the industry – allowing its members to be heard while still focusing on their respective businesses.

Additionally, PMA membership gives you access to tips, tools, tricks and resources that focus on the practical implementation of strategies that will help grow your business. The have a robust resource section where you can find white papers, surveys, job listing and more.

According to some oft-quoted research, over 85 percent of businesses that fail are not members of a trade association. No matter the industry, trade associations give their members many advantages in a fast-paced, competitive world.