Connecting the Dots to Client Success with Brian Jacobson, Business Development

Joining iAffiliate Management six months ago, Brian Jacobson knew this career step held promise. He saw an opportunity to work alongside some of the very best in the affiliate and partnership marketing industry. He was excited for the opportunity to contribute to a growing agency with a reputation for raising the bar in more ways than one.

“That’s the fun part, we’re in a position to make big strides for our clients,” Brian explained. “And it’s exciting figuring out the details involved in making that happen.”

Brian brings rich business experience to iAffiliate Management with 20-plus years in online loyalty and fulfillment solutions. During his career, Brian has forged successful digital and mobile partnerships for a variety of merchants. He’s the guy that connects the dots to help clients achieve their goals by solving complex challenges.

“Most recently I worked in online loyalty programs and learned a lot about the affiliate and partner marketing” he noted. “iAffiliate Management brings integrity to an industry that has struggled with transparency and accountability. We are a company that has attained a level of success where clients look to us as a long-term agency partner. What sets us apart is that our services are driven by the needs of our clients and are thoughtful, strategic and effective solutions.”

One of Brian’s most useful tools is a complimentary assessment. This is for companies interested in starting an affiliate program or evaluating managed services for an existing affiliate or partner marketing program.

“The free assessment illustrates our chops, our expertise and ability to identify gaps as well as opportunities,” Brian explained. “It’s a conversation starter around what is holding a program back from achieving maximum results. We also evaluate considerations for company’s looking to launch a new partnership marketing program. In both cases, we’re delivering the blueprint that will grow the channel and drive more revenue for the client. We’re happy to help eCommerce businesses identify areas of opportunity and guide in the right direction.  It’s all about finding ways to create and grow strategic partnerships that will blow revenue goals out of the water.”

If you’re looking for insights and strategies to improve the performance of your affiliate marketing or partner program, contact Brian at